Sample of Online Real-Time MIS

The design of End to End Financial Solution in Cloud (EEFS) provides MIS in an Online Real-Time mode.

Vehicle Major Repairing Expense (Nov. & Dec. 2014)

The above report and graph are showing "vehicle major repairing expense" in descending order of expenditure amount (Nov. & Dec. 2014) of vehicles. Based on above information management can discuss why few vehicles maintenance are too high.

Note: There are more MIS Reports. Example: 1. vehicle Advance, Driver & Helper Salary, Tyre &, Tube, Battery, Diesel, Trip Expenses, Fitness. Permit and Tax Token.

Some time back freight charged for a return trip. EEFS will provide report and graph as given below.

Earning ABC Analysis

The above report is clearly showing earning head with amount, % of total (Earning share % with total earning) and Cumulative %.

The above report is important for management to know business share in different earning head.

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Efficient, cloud-based multi-location Software Solution that allows branch users to easily manage Finance and Accounts, Billing, Trial Balance, Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, Account Receivables and Account Payables.
Branch consolidated MIS with On-Line Reports & Graphs and Queries drill down to the previous level.

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