Comprehensive Training

Objective of Training (Comprehensive on the job Training)

Participants should acquire knowledge, skills and competencies required to understand Development Methodology and Deployment of End to End Financial Solution in Cloud for end users.

Trained participants will be in a position to implement End to End Financial Solution in Cloud and support end users.


Cloud Computing Facility Team has a vast experience in India and abroad and knowledge in Application Software Development, Deployment (2Tier, 3Tier and in cloud computing environment), Maintenance, Software Transformation & Restructuring and Team Development. Team also brings real world knowledge of Software Solutions Development from the field (Engineering Industry, Process Industry and Service Industry) and applies their knowledge in hands-on way that is easy to understand by participants.

Class Room

Training centers provide participants with a highly focused, personalized learning environment. Participants learn in small classroom settings with professionals from various industries, offering unlimited opportunities to share ideas and approach to problem-solving. Our open enrollment courseware includes both application and technical classes.

Objective of Training

participants should acquire knowledge, skills, and competencies, required to develop application software and deployment in cloud environment and documentation at every stage of the project life cycle. At the end of learning participants will complete the Project Report

Project Based Learning Course Outline 1. General discussion about cloud computing environments and architecture. SaaS (Software as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a service), IaaS (Infrastructure as a service ) 2. Live Demo of Application Software Deployed in cloud computing environment 3. Discussion about Organization structure & departments and user Role & Responsibility along with workflow 4. How to study organization requirement for single location or multiple locations and document 1. Functional Requirements (FRS), 2. System Requirements (SRS) of the Organization

5. Define business process in the organization with 1. Input to system from source, 2. Control (Audit & Control) and validation of entered data. 3. Output required by system as printout, on the screen, Email or input to next process. 4. Mechanism to process Input data (Business Logics in Database, Middleware and User Interface) 6. System Modules and MIS required as per system study documentations in point no. 4 and Modules Integration along with Information flow and feedback of information 7. Design and develop Database Engine (Database Modeling) using database objects as per business data flow and Business Logics 8. Design and develop Middleware, User Interface as per modules requirement 9. Testing of developed software solution, deployment in cloud computing environment and Project Report

End to End Financial Solution in Cloud Developed and Implemented By P K Suri & Associates
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Our Customers Say

Efficient, cloud-based multi-location Software Solution that allows branch users to easily manage Finance and Accounts, Billing, Trial Balance, Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, Account Receivables and Account Payables.
Branch consolidated MIS with On-Line Reports & Graphs and Queries drill down to the previous level.

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