Welcome to the "End to End Financial solution in the cloud"

In the current information age and business scenario, all the organizations, of all sizes and in all sectors require fast and effective Financial Information.

Keeping in mind the above scenario and proven track record of P K Suri & Associates "End to End Financial Solution" migrated to cloud computing environment in the year 2012.

The End to End Financial Solution in the Cloud is for integrated multiple locations (Branches as Profit Centre or Cost Centre and their consolidation) connected by using the Internet Browser and Mobile Apps. Each Branch will input their basic financial data from Desktop, Laptop or iPad. Input Data will be processed by Cloud Server in an online real time mode to provide Cash Books, Bank Books, Journals, Customer Invoice Register, Vendor Invoice Register, Sub Ledger, Sub Ledger Balance, General Ledger, Trial Balance, Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet, Budget vs. Actual and MIS & Graphs will be provided.

Track Record

End to End Financial Solution were developed in the year 1986 with five hundred clients base. Twenty six years of track record software was deployed to various verticals and architectures in India and abroad. In the year 2012 End to End Financial Solution was transformed & restructured for the cloud environment.

Project Team

Project team collectively has vast experience in Engineering Industry, Process Industry and Service Industry from operation level to management level in India and abroad. Team also brings real world Experience of Software Products/Solutions development and deployment in different software architecture, Maintenance, Software Transformation & Restructuring and Team Development

Software Capability

At every stage:
of the information on screen user can drilldown to previous level and view information in the form of popup screen and graphs.

System Integration

The End to End Financial Solution in the Cloud can be integrated with other well-known softwares.

Salient feature of software

• Complete Audit Trail • Strong Security System • User Role & Responsibility defined by administrator • Data Export to Excel • Data Import from Excel • Mobile Apps • Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan

Our Customers Say

Efficient, cloud-based multi-location Software Solution that allows branch users to easily manage Finance and Accounts, Billing, Trial Balance, Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, Account Receivables and Account Payables.
Branch consolidated MIS with On-Line Reports & Graphs and Queries drill down to the previous level.

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